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The Journey of Etna Mareneve Excursions

Etna Mareneve Excursions was born from the shared passion of Angelo and Alessandro, friends united by their love for Sicily and respect for its nature. Our adventure begins with the desire to reveal the island's most hidden secrets, offering unique and personalized travel experiences.

Towards the Future: Our Promise and Aspiration

We offer adventures that highlight Sicilian beauty through personalized and eco-sustainable experiences, ensuring journeys that leave a mark on the heart. We aspire to be leaders in Sicilian ecotourism, creating experiences that blend adventure, culture, and respect for the environment.

Unique Journeys in the Heart of Sicily

From excursions on Mount Etna to exploring enchanting historic cities, Etna Mareneve Excursions invites you to discover Sicily in an authentic and innovative way through personalized itineraries, off-road adventures, local wine tastings, and much more. Each experience is designed to bring you closer to Sicilian culture and traditions, offering moments of pure joy and connection with the land.

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Guided by Passion, United by Excellence

The Heart of the Experiences: Our Team

Behind every adventure is a team of specialists, committed to providing a highly professional service. The selection of our fleet, our personnel from certified expert drivers/guides, and our partners, is carried out with utmost care, to ensure the best in every experience offered.



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