Mount Etna: The Giant of Sicily

Mount Etna, with its lunar landscapes and spectacular eruptions, is much more than just a volcano: it is a living symbol of Sicily, a majestic entity that dominates the island with its imposing presence. Standing over 3,300 meters tall, it is the highest active volcano in Europe and one of the most fascinating natural destinations in the world, offering an incredible variety of experiences to its visitors.

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Etna captivates with its stunning contrasts: from rivers of solidified lava to lush forests that drape its flanks, from snow-capped peaks to steaming craters. This gentle giant is a paradise for nature lovers, hikers, and all those who wish to experience the thrill of standing before the primal forces of the Earth.

Trekking on Etna provides the opportunity to explore a unique world where the land is constantly shaped by volcanic activity. Trails traverse varied landscapes, from desert-like zones covered with volcanic ash to lush woods, from summit craters to lava flow caves. Every step on this volcano is an adventure, an opportunity to discover unparalleled vistas and to learn the secrets of a land that is forever alive.

Yet, Etna is not only about adventure and wild nature; it also embodies culture and tradition. Its slopes are dotted with picturesque villages, vineyards, and farms producing some of the best Sicilian wines and products. Tasting a glass of Etna DOC wine while watching the sunset over the volcano is a soul-touching experience, a moment of deep connection with the land and its wonders.

Places of Major Interest

  • Alcantara Gorges: A natural masterpiece where water has carved deep canyons and natural pools into columnar basalt. This fascinating site offers a unique experience of trekking and swimming in cool, crystal-clear waters, surrounded by imposing rock walls.
  • Sartorius Mountains: A group of effusive craters formed during the 1865 eruption. Nestled in a landscape of extraordinary beauty, the Sartorius Mountains serve as a starting point for hikes that offer breathtaking views of the sea and Etna, along trails enveloped in endemic birch woods.
  • Citelli Refuge: Located on the eastern side of Etna, Citelli Refuge is a welcoming stop for hikers and nature lovers. From here, numerous trails delve into Etna Park, offering the chance to explore the volcano’s diverse flora and fauna in a picturesque and lush setting.
  • Piano Provenzana: One of the main gateways for treks on Etna, Piano Provenzana is an area rich in facilities and activities, from crater walks to mountain biking. This lava plateau offers lunar landscapes and the chance to closely observe traces of recent eruptions.
  • Valle del Bove: A vast depression on Etna’s eastern slope, Valle del Bove is a massive natural amphitheater that encapsulates thousands of years of volcanic history. Its steep walls and lava-covered floors provide a unique spectacle and bear witness to the volcano’s destructive and creative power.
  • Lava Flow Caves: Etna conceals an intricate system of caves formed by cooling lava. Exploring these cavities is a fascinating adventure that reveals lesser-known aspects of volcanic activity and allows for the admiration of unique rock formations.
  • Silvestri Craters: Located near the Sapienza Refuge, the Silvestri Craters are easily accessible and offer visitors the chance to walk along the edge of dormant craters, up close to solidified lava flows and enjoying spectacular views of the Ionian coast.
  • Summit Craters: Reaching the summit craters of Etna represents the pinnacle of the volcanic experience. This excursion, led by expert volcanologists, allows proximity to the pulsing heart of the volcano, amid fumaroles and intriguing geothermal phenomena, in an environment of undeniable strength and beauty.



Our Journey

Joining us for an excursion on Mount Etna means embarking on an unforgettable journey through the lunar landscapes and natural wonders of Europe’s highest and most active volcano. Every step on its slopes is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the majesty of nature, discover unique geological phenomena, and experience the thrills that only a giant like Etna can offer. Our journey begins right from your accommodation, where we will pick you up and take you on the adventure awaiting on Etna. From the very first moment, you will find yourself immersed in a world of extraordinary natural beauty, with views that stretch from the Sicilian coasts to the heart of the Mediterranean. Our exploration will lead you to the base of ancient craters, witnesses to the volcanic dynamics that have shaped these lands over millennia. Here, you can feel the thrill of walking on grounds formed by past eruptions, closely observing the power and energy that characterize Etna.

Our goal is to make your visit to Etna an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of experience level or physical condition. With Etna Mareneve, you will have the assurance of being accompanied by expert guides who know the volcano like the back of their hand, ready to ensure your safety and answer all your curiosities.

Every excursion with us is unique, a journey of discovery that will leave you with lasting memories. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, adventure lover, or simply curious to learn more about this giant of the earth, Etna has much to offer. And with EtnaMareneve, you can explore it in the most authentic and memorable way possible.

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