In the heart of Baroque Sicily, Modica stands as an architectural jewel nestled among the hills of the province of Ragusa. Known as one of the most charming cities in Southern Italy, Modica is celebrated not only for its extraordinary Baroque heritage, recognized by UNESCO, but also for its centuries-old chocolate-making tradition, a legacy from the ancient Aztecs. This unique combination of culture, history, and taste makes Modica a must-visit destination for anyone wishing to explore Sicily in all its authenticity.

The city unfolds across two large valleys and the slopes of two hills, with the historic center embracing both sides of the dry stream that once divided it. Walking through its streets, one is immediately captivated by the charm of its Baroque churches, noble palaces, and staircases that climb along the hills, offering spectacular views at every corner.

The Cathedral of San Giorgio, with its imposing facade and monumental staircase, is the symbol of the city and a masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque. Another essential stop is the Church of San Pietro, with statues of saints welcoming visitors at the entrance. Beyond its architectural treasures, Modica seduces visitors with its narrow alleys and hidden courtyards, which tell stories of times past and offer corners of unexpected tranquility.

But it is Modica’s chocolate that gives the city a place of honor on the map of unique flavors worldwide. Still produced today using ancient methods, Modican chocolate is distinguished by its grainy texture and intensely aromatic flavor, a legacy of the Spanish domination that introduced cocoa to Sicily. A visit to Modica cannot be considered complete without tasting this exceptional product, available in numerous variants and flavor combinations.



Our Journey

With us, discovering Modica becomes an unforgettable journey that touches the most evocative points and the most authentic flavors of this Sicilian Baroque pearl. Our customizable tour ensures a unique experience for every traveler, adapting to your preferences to guarantee an adventure that goes beyond the typical tourist visit.

Our journey begins with a pickup at your accommodation, marking the start of a day dedicated to beauty and taste. The first stop takes us to the heart of Modica: the Cathedral of San Giorgio. Here, a guided tour awaits us, allowing us to closely admire the majesty and elegance of its Baroque architecture. The staircase leading to the church offers one of the most iconic views of the city, an image that will remain etched in your memory.

Continuing along narrow alleys and staircases, we will discover the most characteristic corners of Modica, where time seems to have stood still. Our guide will share stories and legends that animate these places, making you feel part of the city’s millennia-old history.

The highlight of our tour is undoubtedly the tasting of Modica chocolate, an experience that delights the palate and introduces the city’s centuries-old chocolate-making tradition.

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  • Type of tour Cultural excursion
  • Difficulty Easy